LG Ally – Everything You Need in a Smartphone?

I’ve owned only two smartphones. The first one was the Palm Treo 700W which I owned for 6 years. I purchased my second smartphone a few months ago – the LG Ally by Verizon with Android (software). Trying to compare these two phones is like comparing apples to oranges. At first glance, the LG Ally seems to be everything you need in a smartphone. Here’s my review and note: I mainly use this phone for light business operation.
In a distant galaxy far, far away, I bought my first smartphone, a Palm Treo and thought I was on top of the world. I needed an extension of my computer to go with me on the road. We had put a sponsorship promotion together with a major hotel chain and retail store, so I needed to be able to have all my contacts along with some presentation files and the Palm could do that … Oh, and be a phone too. This wonder of a handheld computer worked fine; although, the promotion was, well, another story for another time. BTW, I still have a Palm Tungsten from about 10 years ago. I couldn’t get rid of it because it had many old contacts in it that I couldn’t transfer out. It looks like it should be in a museum. See Wikipedia for more source info on Palm.

A year in technology is like a decade use to be. If you buy a consumer electronic device, no matter how advanced, it will be outdated shortly after the warranties have expired. Or next year, whichever comes first. On to the review.

Many choices

I needed to replace my Palm (which BTW, is now owned by Hewlett Packard) for some time as the updates stopped being available and my handheld computer was no longer anything more than a cell phone. I had been paying attention to the obvious choices such as Blackberry’s many types and Apple’s iPhone. To say there are more than ample choices is putting it mildly. You can easily get lost trying to figure out what kind of phone is right for you. I’m not a follower so I don’t go for what’s hot – I research for my needs.

Verizon has a system whereby you plug in certain features and cost and it gives you a list of phones that fit the elements you’re looking for. This process helps a lot and is not prejudice, or at least you hope not. Simply, I had whittled the list down to a Droid X, all BlackBerry’s, Palm Pre and LG Ally. I originally wanted the Droid X but the LG Ally had about the same for a lot less. Although I knew next to nothing about the Ally, it had the most essential needs I was looking for: touchscreen, pull-out keyboard, speed, power, capacity along with the typical items like, camera, bluetooth, SD slots and Android – I really liked all that I heard of Android’s operating system (and its apps). I actually went into this thinking I’d probably end up with a RIM product but the BlackBerry’s were disappointing – you got this but not that, this is cool but not that. No thanks. Yes, I looked at Apple’s supposed wonder-phone but was scared off by the quality issues (plus, friends also had less than stellar things to say about the ballyhooed iPhone).

Check out here for multiple information on wireless phone devices.

I knew LG made TVs but didn’t know a thing about their smartphones; although, I did help my parents purchase LG cell phones a year earlier. I looked up several independent reviews of the LG Ally and was impressed. Cost was important and Verizon was almost giving them away so I bought the LG Ally.


I’ll not compare it to my old Treo because it’s not fair. The LG Ally won’t wow you with looks (which matters not at all to me) and it may not be as fancy as some other devices but its performance ranks with any other smartphone that I viewed. The feel is very solid which was a concern. Touchscreen works great and anytime you want to pop out the Qwerty keyboard, the ease of use is just right. And it has a D-Pad or joypad on the keyboard that’s nice – my Palm Treo had one too – although, like my Palm, I seldom use it. The keyboard is better than my Palm was and I like the buttons (keys) but it still is taking me some time to get use to them (that’s probably me).

The outward appearance is simple and the screen is easy to view, meaning very little problems in the sun. Size is average for smartphones at 4 1/2″ long by a little more than 2″ wide with the screen a tad less than 3″ X 2″. The weight is OK to me but if you’re looking for something light, this might not be in that ballpark.

Ever heard of voice search? It has it and is cool. You just hit a voice search button and tell it what you’re looking for and a Google search pops up with an answer. Social media apps are nice and duplicated in case you don’t like one style. The LG Ally has many built-in apps that are map or GPS-like; so you can find where you are or where to go or what to do and how to get there. It’s superb. Android offers a great selection of apps and I’ve yet to find anything wrong with their OS (operating system).

The camera is OK. It’s 3.2 mega-pixel and has a built-in flash, plus video-recorder. The camera has a lot of trick programs for sending images but the quality is unremarkable. It has zoom and several different settings so yes, there are many poorer cameras out there than this one but … eh, ’nuff said.

Ally’s Achilles-heal

After 3 full months of use, I can’t really complain about anything the LG Ally offers … oh, except for one thing – the battery or more precisely, the battery life. Reviews told me that the battery life wasn’t anything to write home about but there were clues something was up. The offer to purchase came with an extra battery-charging device on top of the standard docking station. It’s a cool and handy charger you can use with any computer (that has a USB port). But then the salesperson suggested I get the car-charger, which was a good idea, but I didn’t want to pay extra. Of course I’ve been around the block a few times (be nice) and if you hold off long enough, most sales folk throw stuff in to make the deal. Voila! Free car-charging device with some extra screen protectors.

I have charging units up the ying yang. This is great. I never had much of a battery problem with my Palm Treo but now I was sitting pretty. Yeah, well there’s a reason for all these charging needs. The battery-life is bad. I have to mention that it isn’t all LG’s fault – the latest Android OS system is part of the problem as it’s known as a battery sapper. Go to forums for additional help. Phone usage isn’t a big drain but the browser and games suck this darling dry. You’ll need to charge it every day and if you use the device more than a few times, expect to put a charge on it before the days over.

Just might be …

Don’t get me wrong. I really like my LG Ally and for my regular but limited use, it fits the bill. But if you’re out and about a lot, you’d better have every charging capability offered and keep them with you at all times. I’ve not tried it yet, but I was told to use a Task Manager app to help reduce battery drain. So, if you want a better than average smartphone but don’t want to pay the big bucks (the unit sells for $99 but there’s deals for less), this is definitely the phone for you. It’s easy to use, easy to view and has good construction. Feels good and is affordable, yet powerful. The LG Ally just might be everything you need.

Sources – Amazon.com, Wikipedia, AmazonWireless, Android.com

Donkey Kong Country 2 Game Boy Advance Review

I have fond memories of first playing Donkey Kong Country 2 when it was released for the Super NES in 1995. It improved upon its predecessor in every way imaginable: it had a higher difficulty level, more secrets, more amazing levels, more impressive graphics, and one of Rare’s best soundtracks. In 2004, the game was ported to the Game Boy Advance, much like the first game was a year earlier. Rare opted to give the title a bunch of new features to impress even those who have beaten the original game. I dare say that for the most part, they were successful, as the GBA version of Donkey Kong Country 2 offers a wonderful variety of game play and hours of enjoyment.

As was the case with the port of the first game, this game’s story is presented in a cut scene not featured in the original version. A day of lounging around on the beach turns sour for Donkey Kong when the reptilian Kremlings attack and kidnap him. Soon, the other Kongs discover a ransom note from the Kremling leader, Kaptain K. Rool, demanding that they hand over the banana hoard if they ever wish to see Donkey ever again. Instead, Diddy Kong, along with his girlfriend Dixie Kong, decide to journey to Crocodile Isle to defeat the Kremlings and save Donkey before it is too late. This is yet another story from Rare that is not particularly strong, but then again, the company focused more on game play than on the story.

Much like in the first game, your mission is to explore a variety of stages in many environments, ranging from pirate ships to mines to haunted forests and even some roller coaster rides. There are enemies to defeat and items to collect along the way. These items include golden letters, bananas, and balloons that can help you earn extra lives. Also, there are banana coins that you can use to buy level and game play hints from Cranky Kong and Wrinkly Kong, and enter trivia challenges run by Swanky Kong, all of whom can be found in various locations in each world. Several useful moves make their debut here, such as Dixie’s helicopter spin-useful for crossing large gaps-and the team throw for grabbing items that are out of your reach. Every level features a target, which gives you a prize if you jump on it from a high point. Each stage also has their own gimmicks, such as a couple in which you deal with wind that blows horizontally or vertically, which is part of what gives the game such wonderful variety. New to this version is a save anywhere feature, which is useful for when you have beaten a particularly difficult area.

Oftentimes, our heroes will need extra help from some animal friends, and this time, seven such creatures can be used to find secrets or get past obstacles. Rambi the rhinoceros can once again break through weak walls and run down even the strongest foes. Squawks the parrot can fly our heroes to safety and spit eggs at his adversaries. Rattly the snake can leap really high. Squitter the spider can fire webs to knock out foes as well as create temporary platforms. Enguarde the swordfish can poke various underwater enemies. Clapper the seal can cool down or freeze the water so that the Kongs may travel safely. Glimmer the angler fish will light the Kongs’ way in very dark areas. You can ride on, and even transform into, most of these animals throughout the game.

More secrets than ever before can be discovered throughout the game. Every stage has at least one mini game in which you earn a Kremkoin if you are successful. These Kremkoins can be used to unlock stages in the Lost World, where the Kongs’ biggest challenges await them. Completing the bonus areas can also help you reach the maximum score of 102%. Also found in each stage is a Hero Coin with the initials DK on it. By collecting these valuable coins, you can eventually reach true hero status and dethrone such Nintendo favorites as Mario and Link. There are new collectibles not featured in the original version, as well.

First, there are the golden feathers, one of which is hidden in each stage. These feathers can be used in Cranky’s hut to power up Expresso the ostrich so that he can race against other birds. In these races, your mission is to place first in a three-lap race. Along the way, you can use zippers and birdseed to give you a temporary speed boost and feathers to fly over obstacles. Victory in these races will earn you a gold trophy and a Hero Coin. These races can be difficult, but they are quite fun, and you will want to win every last one of them to help you complete 102% of the game.

Also hidden in various levels are cameras, a returning item from the port of the first game. Many of these cameras can be earned by defeating the enemies that hold them (identified by the cameras hovering over their heads). Other cameras are hidden out in the open or given to you by various Kong relatives for completing certain tasks. Each camera will add a picture to your scrapbook, and as you fill up each scrapbook page, you can visit Wrinkly Kong and earn Hero Coins. This side quest is quite addictive, and you will find yourself wanting to pick up every last camera and see what pictures you can unlock.

Funky Kong has his own set of mini games for you to try, as well. In these challenges, you must pilot the gyro copter while completing such tasks as finding the pieces of a statue and constructing it and saving kidnapped members of the Kong family. As you win these mini games, you can earn Hero Coins as well as the privilege of using the gyro copter to fly from one unlocked world to another. The games are pretty fun and challenging, though the gyro copter controls take some getting used to. However, they are nowhere near as broken as the vehicle controls for Funky’s mini games in Donkey Kong Country 3. The games are also quite forgiving: in most cases, if you lose all of your energy, you can still continue the mission from where you left off. You do not actually lose it until time runs out or you opt to abort the mission.

The game is quite polished, and filled with a lot of neat challenges that adds to the overall experience, but it is a bit inferior to the original version. Some areas are a bit harder than before, to the extent that you may be using up a lot of lives. Once again, extra lives are easy to collect, and getting a game over can be challenging since the game saves the amount of lives that you have. Some of the game’s more humorous dialog has been taken out, and Klubba’s Bag a Bug mini game, while a nice diversion, is rather pointless since you only win prizes that you can get for free in various levels. Most ill-served is the game’s final ending, which was perfect enough as it was in the SNES version, but has been somewhat butchered here (I will not spoil it for you here, but you can read my list of worst Rareware endings for more information about the ending). All that said, this port is still quite solid, and like the port of its predecessor, shows that Rare’s magic is not completely gone just yet.

As before, the graphics are a bit worse than in the original. Some levels look a bit too bright or have been designed so that the spooky atmosphere in some areas is no longer existent. The maps are more attractive, however, and you can still get a nostalgic feel from the graphics taken from the original title. The classic music is back, but does not sound quite as good since the Game Boy Advance’s audio is weaker than that of the SNES. The tunes themselves are still quite memorable, and as with the first game, some nice new songs are added to the mix, as well. Oddly, one of the songs, Run, Rambi, Run, has been taken out of the last part of the Rambi Rumble level and replaced with the music that plays when you race against Screech the bird, which does not fit the action as well. The former track can still be heard on the sound test, however (enter “onetime” on the cheats menu to unlock it).

Once again, Rare has taken a classic Donkey Kong Country game and turned it into a solid port, filled with plenty of nostalgic and exciting new features. In some ways, it seems even more polished than its predecessor, though it does not quite surpass the original, which itself was a tough act to follow. Sadly, when Rare ported the third Donkey Kong Country game to the Game Boy Advance, it largely felt rushed and limited compared to the other ports, as if the company was in a hurry to release it with the portable system living on borrowed time due to the Nintendo DS’ rising popularity. You can read my review of the GBA version of Donkey Kong Country 3 for more information. In the meantime, be sure to track down a copy of the hand held version of Donkey Kong Country 2, as it is a fine port of an already amazing game, and sadly, the closest to a “new” Donkey Kong game (along with the other ports) from Rare that we are going to get.

The Armory – Interview with the Designer of the Armory Video Game Organizer

I recently sat down with the designer of The Armory, a new and ingenious video game organization rack, Randall Cole. Cole’s background is in Network Administration and he is a Certified Systems Engineer. Despite this already impressive resume, Cole is also an entrepreneur. He owns ArmorTech, the producers of The Armory.
The Armory is a well designed and versatile product, so much so that you can even use them to hold your Guitar Hero or Rock Band guitars, as well as a plethora of other gaming peripherals. Coming in multiple colors, there is an option for different décor. Additionally, ArmorTech produces T-shirts geared toward the hardcore gamers and computer users out there.

In our interview, we discussed everything from gaming to plastic design and production:

MINUS: What is your personal description of the Armory?

COLE: It is a simple rack to hold game controllers

MINUS: What are the benefits of the Armory?

COLE: The angle of the Armory arms is based on the human hand. Most game controllers fit in the armory for this reason, as most game controller are created to be held by the human hand.

MINUS: What are the compatible products and systems for the Armory?

COLE: PS3 – PSone, XBOX – XBOX 360, GameCube. I have seen people use it for the Wii but the Wii did not exist when I created the Armory.

MINUS: What was your Inspiration for the Armory?

COLE: I built this to make some gamers happy. Not everyone wants a rack for their game controllers, but I know I have made a lot of moms, girlfriends, gamers and wives much happier.

MINUS: What are your favorite games, favorite system, game you are most looking forward to?

COLE: PS3 is ok, but my systems is the XBOX 360. On the console I like FPS games. I use to play FPS games on the PC but because of cheaters I moved to the console. I fill that the console is a more even playing field when you compare it to PC gaming. It seemed like every PC game was hacked and moded, or some people had better video cards. With the console, hacked games are almost non-existent and everyone is basically on the same hardware. I also love RTS games, but I only play them on the PC. C C; was OK on the XBOX 360, but it is better on the PC.

MINUS: How did you design the Armory?

COLE: I have a ton of really cool wood working tools. What makes to Armory so hard to make by hand is the complex angle of the arms. A complex angel is when a part is on an angle in two different angles. The arms are angled up and out. This makes it very had to make by hand. However the first one I made worked great, then my friend wanted one; it took me 41 attempts to recreate the first rack. I took the rack to a plastic designer to have a CAD file created for the product.

MINUS: Do you plan on making future products?

COLE: We have a few products in the pipe line. I just need to get the Armory moving first.

MINUS: Any new shirts coming out soon?

COLE: Yes the new “i teabag noobs.” shirt will be for sale on line this week.

MINUS: Any advice you’d give to any gamer (or anyone in general) with an idea they’d like to implement? COLE: Learn the US patent office web site search tool and also use Google’s patent search. This could save you a ton of time and money.

MINUS: How long did the patent process for the Armory take?

COLE: It’s ongoing; we keep adding and modifying the patents. Patents take about 4 years to be finalized.

MINUS: What were the costs associated with starting your business?

COLE: If you wanted to created a plastic block 2 x 2 x 2 this is about what you would need

6-20k for Lawyer fees (patent amp; research)

5-20k for product design

12-38k for a mold for the product

3-7k for package design and mold for blister pack

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Randall, not just because he prefers the Xbox 360 over the PS3, but because he is a hard worker. Randall is an example that people in this country should pay attention to and learn from. Not only is he a hard worker who isn’t afraid to take on his own ideas and make them a reality, but because he is so forthcoming with information that might help someone else.

To all of you gamers out there, check out The Armory by clicking HERE. Organization is a must for gamers, both for convenience, and to keep all of their households non-gamers happy with a well organized entertainment center. The Armory is currently on sale for $14.99, which is a steal any way you slice it.

Hatch! Game Review for the IPod Touch

My son’s fascination with the game, “Hatch!” is the inspiration of this article. “Hatch!” is a free game you can download for the IPod Touch game system. The fact the game is free is not the only terrific aspect of this game. The most fascinating fact about this game is how long it will keep a toddlers attention span. You will find an 18 month old’s attention span doubles while playing the game.
The idea behind the game hatch is simple. A toddler clicks on the New Egg button. An egg appears on the screen. The toddler then touches the egg. Each touch creates a break in the egg until finally the egg breaks completely. Once the egg breaks completely, a new animal appears on the screen. The animal might be a bat or cat or some other animal which is not born from an egg. The animal makes a sound when it appears on the screen. This explains the entire game of “Hatch!”. This incredibly simple application will make most programmers wonder, “Why didn’t I think of that?” It is amazing the simplistic design of the program can provide hours of enjoyment.

A toddler under the age of two, can easily discover how to turn the IPod on, navigate to the application Hatch!, open the application and then begin playing it. The simplicity of the game and the IPod touch makes this possible.

Initially when I became a mom, I thought I would attempt to limit my children’s exposure to the technology. After all, looking at a computer screen for a large majority of the day is terrible for a child’s vision. I have now discovered limiting a child from exposure to technology is almost impossible especially with the IPhone and IPod Touch becoming increasingly popular. Additionally, the little applications available for the IPod Touch (many of which are free) can be incredibly helpful to teaching a child book learning.

I have decided if I can’t beat the system, “Why not join it?” Since embracing technology as a form of learning for my kids (and receiving an IPod Touch for Christmas), I have found computer games to be an incredible tool for teaching and training children. Hatch! is one example of the incredible plethera of learning games available on the IPod Touch. I have written or plan to write reviews about many of the other IPod Touch games. Check out my profile to read more reviews.

Clash Royale: Be Conscious in your Deck

The main reason why people play games is to get more entertainment. The games will always allow people to do many things which they cannot do in their real life. This is one of the major factors why people are very much interested to prefer games rather than the other entertainment options. There are thousands of games for smartphones but only few of the games will impress people and get a place in people’s favorite list. Clash Royale is one such game which is preferred by many people in the present days.

You may wonder how this game has impressed people and get good response from the people end. Actually there are many exciting factors in this game therefore the individuals can have utmost excitement as they desire. This is the main aspect that attracts people and makes them to prefer this rather than other games. When it comes to gameplay, it will also be very engaging and the major highlight about the game is it has the multiplayer option therefore the players are able to join hands with their friends and enjoy playing the game.

Imagine how it will be if you are able to spend your free time by playing an exciting game with your friends. You will be competing with your dear ones and it will be very interesting as you desire. However, as the player you have to destroy more towers than your opponents. This is the main thing that the individuals will have to do. Meanwhile they should concentrate on the resources and collect them for your purpose. The resources are very essential in order to play the game in the hassle free manner.

But for some of the people, it will be difficult. They cannot play the game and earn the resources in the same time. In that situation they can simply go online and get the clash royale hack which is mainly intended to help the players who are facing complications with the clash royale game. There are plenty of tools in online but some of them are fake and they will not work properly as people expect therefore before choosing a tool, the individuals need to ensure that the tool they are going to choose will be effective and apt choice for getting the resources easily. This is the most important thing that everyone has to do without fail in the time of selecting the hacking tool

The Best RPGs for the NES Video Game Console

When the RPG was born on the backroom card table of Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, no one thought it would turn into the epic, sweeping, video game centric industry that it is today. In fact, no one saw the video game effect coming at all. Born in the 1980s, video gaming was not technically advanced enough or exciting, visually, enough to carry the epic battles and hours long quests of Dungeons and Dragons fans the world over.
The Nintendo Entertainment System changed all this, when it brought its revolutionary technology to homes everywhere and made it possible to play a visual RPG by oneself, a game that would take hours to complete and offer an epic story to play through. The earliest console RPGs, while derided by many Dungeons and Dragons enthusiasts, were breakthroughs in the development of a new genre and considered some of the best games created for the early game consoles.

When people think back on the console RPG and the gaming revolution that followed on Nintendo’s SNES and Sony’s Playstation, these are the first games they think about, as scions of the new formula and the process that would make gaming one of the world’s biggest entertainment industries.

The Legend of Zelda
The first Zelda game was such an amazing achievement for Nintendo that it needed to a second play through. Literally. When you finished this puppy, it started back up for an immediate second run. Zelda introduced so much of what we know in action RPGs today, and started one of the greatest franchises in the history of gaming. The countless hours I sat and started and restarted this game, hoping to beat it without dying…just to say I could. That’s a sign of true gaming greatness, and something that Zelda has always been known for.

Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy was the last ditch effort by an upstart software company in Japan to make good. The result as they say is history. This game was unique for a lot of reasons, not the least of which was the introduction of so many of the RPG dynamics we know and love today. While not the greatest RPG of the NES era, and in fact the only one released in America, Final Fantasy was a damn good game, the kind that turns casual gamers into the hardcore. The combination of classic table top gaming elements into a video game though was the true turning point in console RPGs and Final Fantasy was one of the first ones there.

Dragon Warrior IV
Many, including myself, consider Dragon Warrior IV to be the best RPG released for the NES console. It was not only an entry in one of the best series of RPGs ever made, it was the last one we got in the states until Dragon Warrior VII for the Playstation console. These games were so incredibly popular in Japan that laws were changed to abide their release. It’s also the rarest game around if you’re looking to pick it up these days. As a game it struck out to make RPGs the epic, story based affairs that they are today on the console and was the first and best game on the NES to pull that off. Coming at the tail end of the NES’s life cycle, after the SNES was already on the market, Dragon Warrior IV was one of those late life masterpieces that not enough people got to play, but remains a true testament to what could be done on the NES console.


In its earlier days, before King of Fighters or Metal Slug, SNK gave the RPG market a shot with Crystalis. It’s not your typical medieval, swords and sorcery game either. It’s a near future, post apocalyptic, anti-techno thriller that wasn’t afraid to bring up social issues in its gameplay. Crystalis is a quest to destroy the technology that has begun to enslave humanity and all along it’s a darn good game. The best part of this game was the willingness to take those medieval elements and throw them in with the post-apocolyptic plot and technology angle and after all that turn it into an action RPG, a genre that other than Zelda, hadn’t seen much play.

How to Hack 8 Ball Pool in Easy Steps

8 Ball pool game is one of the coolest series game, attracted millions of hardcore gamer’s attention and still ruling over the game world. 8 ball pool flash game is now available for all devices. 8 ball pool is a game where you can involve with perfect gaming mode. 8 ball pool is an elegant game with marvelous table design and balls with vibrant colours which will induce you to play more and build a kingdom in this game. In 8 ball pool game, you have to play with online opponents and with your friends too. The exemplary part in 8 ball pool game is you need to play with the online opponent even in a serene way and supports you with good supply of players. You can play this game calmly with just fixing the target and hitting it. 8 ball pool comes with simple guidelines to understand the game perfectly. The effective part in 8 ball pool hack was you can gain limitless cash and coins to your account .8 Ball pool works without any restrictions so you can do well and good. The only drawback in this game is it will work faultlessly in online and it will not aid in offline play.

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How do the 8 Ball pool cheats work?

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Advantages of utilizing the hack generator for Dragon City game

If the folks are very much interested in playing the thrilling video game with the lots of fighting features, you can go for the Dragon City game currently available on the Apple Appstore for the iOS devices and Google Playstore for Android devices. Gems, gold and foods are the most important resources of this game and everyone should need to fix your goal to earn unlimited resources. Some of the players are doing the online surveys to earn their desired amounts of resources and they are also spending some real money to get required resources. But everyone has a better way to go for the free gems, gold and food resources through the dragon city hack tool. There are so many numbers of hacking platforms available on the web platform to provide unlimited numbers of resources for the completely free of cost, this one is the best though : http://dragoncityexclusive.com/ .

Dragon city game features:

Before going to use the hack tool for your successful dragon city game play, each and every player is highly necessary to understand the basic game features. By this way, you can understand the significance of the important resources and how to feed the dragons with the enough foods. The features of the dragon city game include,

  • There is a dragon book in this game and a player has to complete it in the perfect manner. At the same time, there are over 500 types of dragons available to breed and collect for your various gaming needs.
  • Every week, the players will have the new types of dragons in your game play environment through frequent breeding events and also existing special islands.
  • The gamers will have the greatest responsibility to build the amazing city of fantasy for your dragons to see when they are visiting you in the game play atmosphere.
  • There are some of the advanced features like guardian dragons and ancient world which could be unlock with the help of the significant resources in your place.
  • Each and every one should need to fight against the dragon masters of the opponent team to win the challenging tournaments and leagues.

The players can find over 80 millions of dragon masters in this game to have really funny and exciting range of experience in your game play. When you have extensive numbers of resources in your dragon city gaming account, you can easily purchase the in-app items and foods to feed your dragons in the frequent manner. At the same time, everyone will have the best opportunity to hide the in-app purchases from your game play with the help of the game settings when you don’t want to have it in your dragon city game.

Effectiveness of dragon city hack tool:

With the help of the dragon city hack tool, every player of this game can absolutely generate your desired amounts of gems, gold and foods for the various purposes. In order to cheat the dragon city game play, you should be very careful in picking the highly trustworthy choice of hack generator with the greatest reputation. The legitimate dragon city game hacking tool will provide you an opportunity to generate your required amounts of gaming resources with the completely free of cost. Don’t go for the hack tools which will ask you to enter the password of your dragon city game because not the legitimate hacking platforms will ask the password. The genuine and reliable hack tool for this game play will only ask you to enter dragon city game username not the password.

Once you have entered username of dragon city gaming account along with how much amounts of gems, gold and foods you need for your successful game play. The end result of the dragon city hack tool is actually to create the totally new way to experience this thrilling fight based game on your Android and iOS devices. When the people are willing to play this game through your facebook account either on the PC or mobile device, there is also a possibility to access the hack tool of dragon city game via your facebook platform. The unlimited numbers of gems, gold and other resources earned through the hacking process will be highly beneficial to allow everyone to breed the dragons in the quicker manner and you can easily become the best player to reach the higher position in the game play

Why you should start playing Hay Day

The hay day is a wonderful mobile game which is similar to the Farmville. All mobile video games have an unlimited number of resources but the players will not able to access the unlimited number of resources due to various reasons. Hence, the hay day hack generator has been widely introduced to generate an unlimited number of resources.

Hay day mobile game and hack tool:

Playing mobile video games is such an exciting task. If you love Farmville then you will love to play the hay day mobile game because the hay day mobile game is based on farming. The genre of this mobile video game is a simulation game. This multiplayer video game is nice to play with our family and friends.

Hay day hack tool is not easy to use but it is absolutely free to use. The hack generator is free from all kinds of malware and viruses. Most of them are using this hay day hack generator for generating an unlimited number of coins, diamonds, gold, and so on. Getting infinite number of resources is important to move to the next level of the game. For this reason, most of them like to use the hay day hack generator.


How to use the hay day hack tool?

Using the hay day hack tool is quite simple. In order to use the hay day hack tool, you have to download the hack tool. This hack tool is available for both android and iOS devices. Here is the simple step to use the hay day hack tool.

  • First, you have to download the hay day cheats
  • Connect your device to the desktop by using the USB cable.
  • After opening the hack tool you have to select the number of resources you want to add your account.
  • Then start playing your hay day mobile game with an unlimited number of coins and diamonds.

The hay day is a special mobile video game and also it is a next generation mobile game. This awesome mobile game can be played on both Smartphone’s and tablets. This most popular mobile video game can be easily played on both the android and iOS devices.

There is a wide range of mobile video games are out there in the world. People of all ages are playing several video games which include clash of clans, clash Royale, Farmville, and so on.

SimCity Build It

So, at last there is a game with the help of which you can build up your own city literally starting from zero. By this introduction you may already see, that this is really a game that’s been designed to the long haul player. Building a real city lasts for years but that’s the challenge in the whole process. Naturally if you play SimCity Build It you won’t be forced to play the game for years but as you improve it will get harder and harder to get the job done. It’s because eventually, as in every game which are offered for free, this is the switch ‘n bait situation when you get to the point that you either pay or your whole progress would start to stagnate for a longer period of time.

And that’s exactly why there are so many hack sites trying to help players – mostly for free.

The game’s valuables include the following:

  • Simoleons – the currency of your city basically these have the form of gold coins and this is the money you spend and earn during the game.
  • Simbucks – this is the green cash which is worth much more and that’s why it cannot be earned normally, it can only be won with achievements or level improvements. After a while you will start to see that everything start to cost so much Simbucks that you won’t ever be able to afford these unless you pay or get a hack.
  • Golden Keys: the real rarity of the game one can earn after very special achievements and can purchase all sorts of rarities with these.

These are the 3 sorts of currencies which can be purchased via hacks and as you can see, the latter two’s importance is quite high in this game. So let’s see what sort of hacks are out there for this game.


SimCity BuildIt hack :

  • The online cheats:  there are online too. All you need to do is to like their page, login through their page or give a gaming username so that they can allocate you. Most of these online apps will also want you to join some sort of community, watch an introductory video and there is o problem with that, as soon as the specific app actually works.
  • Online cheats solely for mobile apps: they work the same way, but they will only cater to your mobile app.
  • Paid online cheats:  they work the same way but they will ask some sort of payment details from you ( even if they say they will not charge you, I highly suggest you not to enter any such details)
  • Cheats which can be reached straight from Facebook. Yes it’s actually not fair and not legal to get hacks to any game but looks like SimCity Build It doesn’t yet pay so much attention to this fact.

I hope you will find the best hack site out of all these (and the collection of sites is really large in this case) and will happily carry on building your metropolis from then on.